The scent of a book. The sound of a vinyl record. The taste of a homegrown apple from your own orchard. Glass covered in winter‘s ornaments. The graceful stroke of a calligraphers brush. The intensity of color of Renaissance paintings and its soft sculptures. The glimmering moment of a Japanese haiku...

What do you feel?

Warmth, elevation, liveliness, authenticity. That is the work of the atoms of Beauty.

Welcome to the world of INTUITIVE AESTHETICS!


"What is the intuitive aesthetics? When we understand the beauty of an object, happening or action with our inner-being, and feel content. Understanding with our feelings is what we see with our eyes, can touch with our hands and hear with our ears.

The body is an excellent radar. It knows what we need best. In today‘s world, the understanding of what is beautiful is pushed on us, because somebody want us to buy it. If we follow the senses of our own body, „expert“ opinions will not be important anymore.

Listen to your inner-self, to your senses. If you look at some creation and you feel good, as if you were flying, it is yours. You can acquire the item with confidence and settle it in your home. But if you feel constrained inside, and want to run away from what you see as quickly as possible, be assured that you definitely don‘t need that item.

Art or clothing, any item that surrounds you, should help bring out positive emotions, because only they help a person grow.

Develop your intuition and senses, and be guided by them. Be inspired by new ideas from art, find and develop your talents, and understand your individuality. Through aesthetics and personal satisfaction find and release the Being and you will feel the taste of real life."

Rasa Baltė-Balčiūnienė
Author of the Idea of the AMRES ART