Authenticity tastings

Have you ever tasted…with your eyes? Sensed taste by touching? Have you smelled sound and heard smell? AUTHENTICITY TASTINGS are a journey through the world of sensual pleasures, where emotions born visually are joined with scents, the sense of touch– with a play on colors. It is an opportunity to distance yourself from planted  stereotypical thinking which surrounds us, and to return from the noisy world into your inner-self. This journey is full of unexpected discoveries – feelings, adventures and emotions. It leads us in the direction of the great secret – self-recognition.

In this current world of technology, we are strongly affected by the Internet and advertising. A good portion of images are created by artificial intelligence and not humans. How do they affect us? Artificiality creates artificiality, because only the living can create the living.  

We get closer to people less often and don’t enjoy the details of natural things as much – plastic rules in the contemporary world. Our senses lose their acuteness and our emotions become more deficient.

AMRES ART offers diving into the world of real visuals, real tastes and natural textures – that are created by successful, beautiful people. You experience a flood of good emotions, reviving the senses and the joy of life.