Have you ever contemplated about what you have more of in your life – internal joy or dissatisfaction? Real things or some substitution? What do you actually feel when you say that some creation, person, emotion or action is real? In today‘s consumer society and the technological labyrinth loses subsistence, direct contact with reality and the joy of creating even more than before. His life becomes a simulation.

AMRES ART invites you to join us in creating an authenticity-based aesthetic culture, where the ability to sense, create and live is discovered anew through beauty.

But what is real beauty? In order to recognize it, we need to start from the beginning. First through art.

Researchers confirm that artwork affects people in different ways - for some it restores a sense of peace, for others it provides an impulse to create, while others become uneasy and stressed. Some art helps a person to grow and others to withdraw. It is obvious that beauty is that which encourages us to grow.

By recognizing art and what is not beautiful, a person becomes more sensitive to his surroundings and is able to feel what is real or not in his everyday activities. He understands himself and the world through beauty.

AMRES ART connects people who are longing for real beauty. Aesthetic gourmets gather here at the Club. There is a Gallery for real things. And there is Exchange of talents. Real things are sought through experience and new information, which are acquired at Plein Airs and at the Life Aesthetic Academy. That is a meeting place for creators of Intuitive Aesthetics and those that appreciate it - the Aestheticists. Authenticity is spread here, inspired by the Antique and revived by the Renaissance...